Can You Sue Someone for a Bad Haircut?

Have you ever experienced walking out of the salon and petrified when you finally looked at yourself in the mirror and you saw how bad your haircut was? This gets really annoying especially for women who have spent a lot of money and effort just to make their health look healthy and shiny. What happens now? For sure, one thing that would come across your mind, can you sue someone for a bad haircut?

You might think that it is not possible. After all, everyone has to experience having a really bad haircut once in a while. But just like in any matter, there are actually extreme cases and there are people who would really want to sue their hairdresser or the salon.

Perhaps for some they may think that this is just a petty issue. But contrary to what some would think, it can result to serious repercussions. In the recent news, there is a 26 year old woman from Great Britain who died after committing suicide because of a bad haircut. In the United States, it is a different case because you can definitely sue someone for a bad haircut

Filing a Claim

Bad haircut lawsuitConsidering that salons provide services, it is their responsibility to ensure that their customers are handled with utmost care. If you experienced a terrible haircut and it incurred you damages, you might want to consider filing a case against your hairdresser. Just having a bad haircut would not do and you are less likely to win over just that issue. However, if you can really show that there’s negligence on the part of the hairdresser. Then, you can pursue legal action. But the truth of the matter is, most people who you would seek for advice will tell you to just let it go and it will soon pass. On the other hand, what if you try one of their salon services and the chemicals used brought severe damages to your hair and head? In this case, you can definitely have a chance of winning the case and get the claim.

Just before you take any serious attention on proceeding with your legal option, try to exhaust all of the other remedies possible. First is to talk to the hairdresser or the salon.In most cases, they will give you a full refund and will offer a free service to address the problem. Yet, if the problem is really severe and you incurred big damages, you have the option to file a claim and receive compensation.

Types of Claims

Suing your hairdresser is not as easy as that just because you had a terrible haircut. Professional hairdressers are skilled and trained when it comes to the use of chemicals, tools and equipment. But if they use the wrong chemical or mishandled any hair treatment, it results to negligence which can incur injuries. There are various types of hairdresser claims.

One is when you incurred severe damage or loss of hair. If your hairdresser used chemicals that led to severe damages of your hair, you can file a claim. Another type of claim is when you had a bad haircut brought about by using wrong tools. For instance, if the hairdresser used blunt scissors and did not paying attention to their work, it can result to a bad haircut and you have a strong chance if you file for a claim.

Another type of claim is when you experienced chemical burns. For instance, the use of peroxide is really toxic. If your hairdresser used chemicals that they know can be damaging and still insisted in using them, then you have grounds for filing a claim against your hairdresser. Another type of claim is brought by allergic reaction. As a customer, you have every right to know the products that they will use for your hair. If you experienced severe allergic reaction because they failed to give you a skin test, you can file for a claim.

When all the other options are exhausted like for example you tried to talk to the owner or the hairdresser about the problem but would not hear you out or do something about it, you can get a lawyer and seek for a claim.